Tips for Finding–and Keeping—a Remote Job

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Looking for new work can be quite challenging, but in some ways, the pandemic has made job-hunting easier: with so many companies running their operations remotely, more jobs are available to those who need remote work. If you find remote work, it’s important to maintain strong time management skills in order to keep your job and stay on top of projects. Use these tips from The Side Hustle Journey to help you land a great remote job and establish habits that will help you maintain work throughout the pandemic.

Assess your skills and interests

Before getting too deep into the job hunting process, take some time to reassess your skills and revamp your resume. This is particularly important if you’ve recently been laid off from a position you’ve held for quite some time. Consider both the hard and soft skills you’ve gained throughout your career, make a list, and be sure to include relevant skills in your resume.

Along with improving your resume, take a hard look at what type of work interests you. While you may have been comfortable in your job before the pandemic, being laid off allows for a completely new career path. Do some research and determine what roles sound appealing to you. Network with your community to gain insights, and consider pursuing new certifications or further education if you need to upskill for a new career.

The search

When you’ve reworked your resume and gained clarity around your career interests, it’s time to look for jobs. General online job boards can be helpful, but try to focus on job boards relevant to your industry. Terry Bacon explains networking is also a great way to find new work: word-of-mouth is one of the most common ways that people land jobs.

Be flexible

With so many people experiencing unemployment due to the pandemic, the competition for jobs is heightened. Apply to a variety of jobs, and keep your options open. However, for people who work in project-based industries such as writing or web design, freelancing might be one of the best ways to earn money right now. While it doesn’t offer the security of a part- or full-time job, it will allow you to get the ball rolling again on your career and may open you up to regular work with the same clients. 

Freelancing often comes with periods of downtime, so it’s worth thinking about how to incorporate some work on the side to make ends meet. If you need some ideas for side jobs, The Side Hustle Journey is a great resource.

Adapting to working from home

If you’re new to working remotely, it’s important to establish good habits. Remote jobs can be great for your lifestyle, but proving you can be productive while working from home is important to keep your job. 

To be successful as a remote worker, be sure you have the right technology to do your job. Beyond having a computer and workspace, ensure that your internet is strong enough to handle your remote job. Many cities now have access to 5G Ultra Wideband, which is helpful if you work in a job that requires frequent video meetings or downloading and processing large files.

Another way to ensure your success in a remote job is by establishing a working schedule you can commit to on a daily basis. Even if you’re freelancing, sticking to regular hours will not only boost your productivity, but it will also show your clients or employer that you have strong time management skills.

Whether you’ve lost your job because of the pandemic or you need to boost your income with a side job, working remotely is a great option. It’s easier than ever to find remote jobs, and there are countless companies across a number of industries that have committed to a remote workforce. Be sure to revamp your resume as you begin your job search, and consider a project-based role to get you by. Stick to a schedule to show your employer that you can manage your time, and enjoy the flexibility of working from home.

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