20 Side Hustle Quotes To Keep You Motivated

Some days are harder than others to motivate ourselves to work on our side hustles. I know this from experience. I started hustling almost three years ago and haven’t made any money yet. I am going to emphasize yet as I am 100% convinced I can do this. The reasons that I am doing this (my “why”) are financial independence, more flexibility, and spending more time with my family. 

I try not to be discouraged, though, because I started with a blank slate and have now narrowed my side hustles into three buckets: 1. Publishing books (my first book will be published in the next month or so- Everything I Learned About Sales I Learned From My Dog) 2. Blogging on two sites I created (www.theordinarymom.com and www.thesidehustlejourney.com) and 3. Starting a drop shipping business which will launch in the next few months (www.homeofficewellness.com). 

Even though I haven’t started to make money yet, I have spent a lot of time and effort laying the groundwork for a successful future as my own boss. Like all of you, I have a busy life. I have a day job that pays me, a wife, three kids (ages 14, 11 & 9), two cats, and one dog. 

Finding time to do my side hustles I mentioned above is hard. I can’t do them during my work day and I am usually too tired or too busy with family stuff to set much time aside at night or on the weekends. I used to put one night aside to go to the library for a few hours but then COVID hit and the library has been closed for the last year.

About nine months ago, I realized I needed more time to work on my side hustles so I started waking up an hour earlier on weekdays to do that. I also have found that I can get a lot done by grabbing 15 minutes here and there. 

I often need motivation to keep me going so I have made up side hustle quotes that I can refer to on the days I’m just not feeling it. And there are many of those days. 

Here are 20 Side Hustle Quotes that I made up to keep me (and you) motivated:

  1. Figure out your “why” and hustle to make it happen
  2. Hustle harder than the next person
  3. Time is like compound interest, you can either take advantage of it or not 
  4. Only you can change your life
  5. Hustle until it hurts
  6. You can sit around waiting to win the lottery or you can start to hustle 
  7. I hustle because I believe in myself
  8. Make a plan to turn your side hustle into your day job and work hard to get it done
  9. 20 minutes a day makes your day job go away
  10. Don’t forget to hustle today
  11. Hustle like your life depends on it
  12. Dream big and then hustle to make it come true
  13. Nobody can take away your hustle
  14. When you want to quit, dip into that well of energy that every hustler has 
  15. If you get knocked down, hustle back up
  16. Hustle a little every day
  17. Each minute you work your hustle gets you closer to independence 
  18. Find your passion in your side hustle
  19. My side hustles give me energy 
  20. Do the hustle! (ok, that one’s not mine as it’s from the 1970s song Do The Hustle by Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony but it’s so good)

Feel free to use any of my quotes to keep you motivated or make up a few of your own. Be old school and write one or two on a sticky note and put it on your computer or on your bathroom mirror or be less of a boomer like me and take a picture of them on your phone and look at them every day. 

Do whatever it takes to not give up and keep hustling every day to get to your goals of why you started hustling in the first place.

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