I published my first book

Almost two years after I started to write in my spare time what was just going to be a business ebook, my paperback book got published today. It’s called Everything I Learned About Sales I Learned From My Dog.

It is featured in the Austin Arboretum Barnes and Noble in the Local Author section (I’m localish). It is right next to my dad’s memoir— and we are in good company next to Larry McMurtry and above Matthew McConaughey.

Publishing a book was a lifelong goal for both of us and it happened three months apart. We both have the same publisher, Night River Press. Barnes and Noble loved that we are father/daughter authors.

You can find either book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, other online book outlets, or request it from your local bookstore. 

Happy reading and please leave a review on Amazon for either or both if you like them.

I’m providing the Barnes and Noble links because I’m really happy with them for featuring both of us. Check out my link here and my Dad’s link here. Happy reading.

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