How Immigrant Families Can Help Their Communities Here And At Home

Guest post by Lance Cody-Valdez.

It is amazing that America is a melting pot of cultures and that we can all work together to succeed and live happy lives. If you are a senior who is relatively new to this country, then know that we welcome you with open arms. Some immigrants may see this sentiment and wonder how they can show their gratitude and give back. Here are some tips for how seniors can give back to their community and support those in your home country.

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Giving Back

It is incredibly rewarding to give back to the community that you call home. As we know, some families struggle to survive, so you can do your part by volunteering at one of the hundreds of different organizations.

You could volunteer at a soup kitchen and provide meals to the hungry or you could go to the local library and donate books or clean and organize the inventory so children and those who hope to improve their lives can learn everything they need to know. Homeless shelters are always looking for volunteers who can support those in need and be someone that they can talk to. Just make sure you listen and respond with kindness. 

If you cannot work at these organizations, you can at least donate items that you no longer use, including clothes, food, furniture, items from around the house, and money, which they will put to a good cause.

Help Homeowners

Another way for skilled seniors to help the people who really make up their community is to help folks in their neighborhood with small jobs around the home. Some people with disabilities and other constraints can’t always take the time to maintain their property, so you can volunteer your time by raking leaves, doing small repairs, or painting walls that have seen better days.

You can also provide more invasive assistance, including helping neighbors replace their windows or helping them to maintain their yard by planting grass and fertilizing their yard. 

There is also the option of building new homes for people in the community that don’t have them. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Home For Our Troops are good starting points.

Connect With Family Back Home

While you are helping your community, you must not forget about your family back home. They love and miss you, so you should make an effort to connect with them. Advancing technologies have made this process easier than ever by allowing you to have video calls with those that you love with the touch of a button in countries like Russia and Brazil. There are many great apps that make speaking to family internationally a snap, including WhatsApp and Google Voice, which are both easy to use.

If you are earning a good income once you have settled in America, then you may consider sending care packages or money back home to help support your family. A few presents will really make a big impression. You can add a personal touch to the care packages you send home by including pictures of you at home, at work, and while you are out volunteering, so everyone can see how you are enjoying your new life and becoming part of a community.

If you’re sending money back home, there are low-fee money transfer services that you can use. For instance, if you’d like to send cash to relatives in Mexico, Remitly allows you to securely send money in a few minutes to more than 40,000 pickup locations throughout the country. 

It is only natural to want to be part of something bigger, and volunteering your time is a great way to make a difference. 

Photo source – Unsplash

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