How to Create the Perfect Home Office Meeting Space

As an entrepreneur running a home-based business, you may have cause to regularly host meetings with your clients. Consultants, designers, and many other types of business owners can benefit from speaking directly to the customer. Whether you invite clients into your home office or conduct conversations through virtual meetings, it is important to prepare a professional and welcoming atmosphere.

Right-Sizing into Your Retirement Home

Guest blog by Bob Shannon Retirement is that magical time in life when you are no longer burdened by the demands of work and finally have time to do the things you enjoy. Sometimes that means moving to a new home that can accommodate your needs and interests. Rather than downsizing, this adjustment may require … Continue reading Right-Sizing into Your Retirement Home

20 Side Hustle Quotes To Keep You Motivated

Some days are harder than others to motivate ourselves to work on our side hustles. I know this from experience. I started hustling almost three years ago and haven’t made any money yet. I am going to emphasize yet as I am 100% convinced I can do this. The reasons that I am doing this … Continue reading 20 Side Hustle Quotes To Keep You Motivated