Home-Based Side Gigs for People with Disabilities 

If you’re a parent with a disability, you likely spend a lot of time at home. Between managing your parenting responsibilities and navigating the daily challenges posed by your disability, it can be tough to find paying work that offers the flexibility you need.

How to Take the Home Office Deduction Without Getting in Trouble With the IRS

According to estimates, there are 15 million home-based businesses in the United States. Some small business owners shy away from taking home office deductions because they fear it will trigger an audit by the IRS. However, you should take the deduction if you qualify for it.

Working from Home: How to Set Up Your Home Office

A home office should be quiet and distraction free. Unfortunately, that’s difficult to achieve when your family is home while you work. If your home lacks a dedicated office or spare bedroom, look to out-of-the-way spaces like attics, basements, and garages.

Right-Sizing into Your Retirement Home

Guest blog by Bob Shannon Retirement is that magical time in life when you are no longer burdened by the demands of work and finally have time to do the things you enjoy. Sometimes that means moving to a new home that can accommodate your needs and interests. Rather than downsizing, this adjustment may require … Continue reading Right-Sizing into Your Retirement Home

I published my first book

Almost two years after I started to write in my spare time what was just going to be a business ebook, my paperback book got published today. It’s called Everything I Learned About Sales I Learned From My Dog. It is featured in the Austin Arboretum Barnes and Noble in the Local Author section (I'm … Continue reading I published my first book

20 Side Hustle Quotes To Keep You Motivated

Some days are harder than others to motivate ourselves to work on our side hustles. I know this from experience. I started hustling almost three years ago and haven’t made any money yet. I am going to emphasize yet as I am 100% convinced I can do this. The reasons that I am doing this … Continue reading 20 Side Hustle Quotes To Keep You Motivated