Six-week countdown from launching my drop ship side hustle

I think I am about six weeks away from launching my drop ship side hustle so I thought it was time for another update. I saw in my first blog about this venture (above) that I had hoped to be up in running by the end of August. It’s now late September and I’m shooting for an early November launch. I am trying not to be discouraged by the delay but just accept it that it takes longer to do things sometimes than you think it will and I want to do it right. Oh, also, it’s 2020 so we should all give each other a break as sometimes just getting out of bed in the morning this year is an accomplishment.

How Side Gigs Can Be a Lifesaver for Cash-Strapped Single Parents

The majority of Americans are interested in starting their own business one day, according to recent polls. For the millions of cash-strapped single parents who are raising children, starting a side gig or freelance hustle can be a crucial part of reducing financial stress while helping make ends meet.