How Seniors Can Break Out of Retirement With House Flipping

but also an enjoyable way to generate a new revenue stream. Of course, most people don’t have the slightest idea as to what goes into flipping houses or where to even start.

Should my next side hustle be to dive into drop shipping?

The one thing I have been thinking about as a potential money maker from my original list is drop shipping. In a nutshell, drop shipping is where you sell someone else’s product on your website, when you get the money from the customer, you order it from your supplier at a discounted rate and then supplier ships the product directly to the customer. The beauty of this method of selling is that you don’t create or build the products and you never have to carry any inventory. 

How I created a YouTube Channel

I decided to start my own YouTube channel very spontaneously in May 2019.  I was already working on my two Facebook sites (The Ordinary Parent Community & The Side Hustle Journey), blogging on my two websites ( and http://www.thesidehustlejourney), had already started my Tee Spring business at, thinking about writing an e-book and then … Continue reading How I created a YouTube Channel

I published my first eBook!

I am so excited to report that in my journey of trying new things I wrote an ebook in my spare time (right!) of just 2-3 hours/week on nights and weekends over the last 3 months. It's called Everything I learned about sales I learned from my dog.

Reflecting on my first year of my Side Hustles

A year ago I had just turned 50 and decided that I wanted to shake up my life a bit. Not anything drastic like having another child, skydiving, getting a divorce or walking barefoot across hot coals but I just didn’t want to be remembered as someone who worked in sales her whole career, had kids, drove a minivan and was constantly tired. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things without changing my whole life or having a mid life crisis (at this point in my life I’m more of a minivan than a sports car kind of person any way).

Taking action by creating my brand, starting a closed Facebook page and buying a URL

As you read in my last blog, in August 2018 I had narrowed down my options and decide to take action on my side hustle journey. I had decided to brand myself The Ordinary Mom and start a closed Facebook group. I wanted to make sure that I could own that name so I knew I had to buy the URL ASAP before someone else did. I didn’t know if I would do anything with the website at this point but I wanted to have the option to create a website at a future date.

Narrowing down my options and getting close to taking action

After spending my summer binging podcasts on during my long drives for business, in August 2018 I decided I need to create a short list and then take action on something-- anything-- to move forward on this journey.

How I spent the summer binging podcasts about side hustles

I’m on a side hustle journey. I don’t know where it will go but I’m enjoying the ride. My first attempt was to think about starting a propane delivery service. See that experience in my blog at After researching what it would entail to start a propane delivery service, I decided it was too much work with too little margins and I didn’t think I could do it as a side hustle while keeping my day job and my sanity. I stepped back to regroup and realized that I had a blank slate and didn’t know what I wanted to do. I searched the internet for good side hustle resources and came across Nick Loper’s website called The Side Hustle Nation ( He has great information on it and tons of podcasts.

The First Attempt – Propane Tank Home Delivery

I had a clean slate with nothing on it. I had decided to embark on this journey and now I didn’t know what to do. I was trying to think of some business that I could do in my spare time that would solve a pain that people have. I decided to try to start a propane delivery company.

The Beginning of My Side Hustle Journey

In April 2017, I realized that I wanted to try to create a business where I could be my own boss, make at least what I was making now in corporate America and work less. I had no idea of what that would be or how I would do that. I have been in high tech and/or education sales for almost 30 years and have my MBA so I thought the real test would be to take the knowledge I have gained and try to do something on my own. I wasn’t ready (or could afford) to quit my corporate 9 to 5 so it would have to be something I’d do at night and on weekends. Let me add that in April 2017, I had 3 young kids ages 5, 7 & 10, we had just moved across the country twice in the last 3 years and were in a new town that none of us had ever lived before, I was working a full time demanding job and my wife was extremely busy starting up her own company. I was exhausted and had no extra energy but I had a drive to create change and felt that I had tons of bottled up creativity from working a corporate job for so long and that creativity was dying to come out.